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Fresh Cheese South Tyrol 175 gr. - Mila

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Fresh Cheese South Tyrol 175 gr. - Mila - 2
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Product No.: 2525
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Product features
  • Type - Cheese & Butter: Fresh cheese
  • Taste: mild , cremig
  • Region of origin: Südtirol
  • Manufacturer: Mila Bergmilch
  • Lactose free: No
  • Animal: Cow
  • Contents: 0.18 kg.

Mila Cream Cheese is a rindless, unripened cheese that is consumable immediately following production. The milk base of this easy-to-spread cheese comes directly alpine dairies in South Tyrol. Cheesemakers first curdle it by adding lactic acid bacteria and rennet. Then they separate the cheese curd derived this process the whey and enrich it with cream until they achieve the desired level of fat content.

Mila Cream Cheese's noteworthy nutritional characteristics include: live milk cultures, high calcium and vitamin B content, and a low level of fat in comparison with hard cheeses.

Mila Creme Cheese is available in both plain and herb flavours. You can use this creamy dairy product South Tyrol as a classic spread or in a vast array of recipes and desserts.

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Manufacturer: Mila Bergmilch - Bozen - Südtirol - Italy

Mila Bergmilch is a renowned producer of dairy products South Tyrol, a region in the north of Italy. The company was founded in 1957 and has been based in Bolzano ever since. Mila Bergmilch is known for its high-quality dairy products made milk mountain farms in the surrounding area.

The dairy farmers who supply Mila Bergmilch have their farms in the Alps, where the air is fresh and the meadows are green. The dairy cows can graze on the lush pastures and their milk is milked by hand in the traditional way. This produces milk of the highest quality, which serves as the basis for Mila Bergmilch's dairy products.

The Mila Bergmilch range includes a wide range of products, including fresh milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese and various desserts. All products are made high-quality ingredients and are free artificial flavours and colourings. Through careful processing and the use of natural ingredients, Mila Bergmilch products retain their unique taste and quality.

Mila Bergmilch has developed into a leading producer of dairy products in South Tyrol and is now an important employer in the region. The company attaches great importance to sustainability and works closely with dairy farmers to ensure that production is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Mila Bergmilch's products are very popular not only in South Tyrol, but also in other parts of Italy and abroad.

Overall, Mila Bergmilch is a traditional company that specialises in producing high-quality dairy products the region. The company places great emphasis on quality, sustainability and working with local dairy farmers to ensure that the products are always fresh and of the best quality.

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Buy now this product together with Formaggio Dolomitenkönig Mila ca. 500 gr.
Fresh Cheese South Tyrol 175 gr. - Mila Formaggio Dolomitenkönig Mila ca. 500 gr.
16,90 EUR
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incl. 4 % Tax excl.

Fresh Cheese South Tyrol 175 gr. - Mila
ready for shipment: in stock
  Formaggio Dolomitenkönig Mila ca. 500 gr.
 — ready for shipment: in stock

Buy now this product together with Lagrein Wine infused cheese Mila whole loaf approx. 2,40 kg.
Fresh Cheese South Tyrol 175 gr. - Mila Lagrein Wine infused cheese Mila whole loaf approx. 2,40 kg.
67,40 EUR
You save:
incl. 4 % Tax excl.

Fresh Cheese South Tyrol 175 gr. - Mila
ready for shipment: in stock
  Lagrein Wine infused cheese Mila whole loaf approx. 2,40 kg.
 — ready for shipment: in stock

Alps Coffee Espresso 1 kg. - Grains

This special espresso is extremely low in acidity, spicy with appealing roasted aromas and yet fruity in taste.

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Prezzo20,84 €
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Coffee Espresso Rocchi Special Bar Beans 1 kg.

The mixture Special Bar is the result of an accurate selection between the best variedness of raw coffees. The soft and complete taste give this coffee, the prominent aroma personalised of the true espresso toasted italian-like.

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Original Speck Bacon Villgrater finely sliced ca. 200 gr.

This high-quality product of the butchery Villgrater - Sexten is produced only of selected pork clubs which are mildly smoked, spicy, drily salted and stored to old Traditon for at least 6 months.

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Prezzofrom 7,95 €
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Sarntaler Deer Salami 1/2 L. Moser - approx. 190 gr.

After expert smoking process the wild sausages mature in three weeks up to the right cut firmness. A condition for this qualitatively very high-quality product are an expert choice and processing of the ingredients, thin game and pork. It's light smoke taste is typical.

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Prezzofrom 7,75 €
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Ham bacon South Tyrol PGI 1/8 core piece vac. approx. 475 gr. - Kofler Delikatessen

Kofler Speck is a South Tyrolean family enterprise with passion for bacon, sausages and meat products. After traditional and transmitted recipe refined generations and with very modern processing technologies we produce for over 30 years decent bacon, spicy Kaminwurzen (smoked sausages), Gselchtes (smoked cattle ham) and other high-class specialities.

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Prezzofrom 16,45 €
( 3,46 €/100 gr.)

Formaggio Dolomitenkönig Mila ca. 500 gr.

It has a full flavour with just a dash of sweetness and a light yet original hint of walnut

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Prezzofrom 13,10 €
( 2,62 €/100 gr.)

Order the real South Tyrolean specialities, South Tyrolean bacon, cheese, wines & Italian delicatessen from the comfort of your own home!

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Fresh Cheese South Tyrol 175 gr. - Mila
Cream cheese Mila is suitable for every day for various sand ..
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