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Cheese f. South Tyrol Packaging unit: More than 5 KG, of - Mondolatte Three Peaks, Peaks cheese dairy Sexten

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Reviews: 4.9 from 5 stars

Hard Cheese Stravecchio Montanaro whole loaf approx. 6 kg. - Dairy Tre Cime

Table Parmesan - an original Italian Stravecchio. The cheese is compact in his structure with little punching, like the Grana (Parmesan). With increasing maturity this cheese tends to become emery and fragile.

Reviews: 4.9 from 5 stars

Toblacher pole cheese form approx. 5,4 kg. - Dairy Three Peaks

Toblacher pole cheese dairy Three Peaks, mild decent cut-cheese, matured at least 6 weeks.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Sextner alp cheese loaf approx. 8,5 kg. - cheese dairy Sexten

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Alta Badia Cheese Mila whole form approx. 9.6 kg.

Because it is aged for 180 days, Mila Alta Badia cheese has a characteristic firm consistency and a distinctive dark yellow rind. With 50% FDM (milkfat in dry matter), this South Tyrol Alpine Cheese has a light yellow, firm paste without perforations. It is characterised by a particularly spicy aroma and taste.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Sextner mountain cheese loaf 10.5 kg. - Cheese dairy Sexten

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Formaggio Dolomitenkönig Mila loaf ca. 9 kg.

It has a full flavour with just a dash of sweetness and a light yet original hint of walnut

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Stilfser - Stelvio PDO whole loaf approx. 8,7 kg.

Its soft, slightly elastic texture and typical, intensely aromatic almost pungent flavour make Stilfser a unique speciality of its kind, destined to amaze both cheese-lovers and even the most demanding of connaisseurs

Reviews: 4.8 from 5 stars

Innichner mountain cheese loaf appr. 11 kg. - Dairy Three Peaks

Innichner mountain cheese Alpine dairy Three Mountains, decently spicy cut-cheese, ripe time at least 8 weeks, natural bark.

Pustertaler Bergkäse Mila whole form approx. 9.7 kg.

The cheese, which is soft in texture and contains small holes, takes its natural, balanced flavour the creamy high-altitude milk which conceals all the fascinating secrets of traditional cheese-making processes in this area.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Marienberger cheese Mila whole loaf approx. 9 kg.

The relatively short maturation of this cheese demonstrates its consistency in the palate softy and creamy. This cut-cheese of natural fresh milk owns a yellowish bark and a tender-yellow dough with irregular punching. Smell and taste are intensely aromatic.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Fioralp cheese Dairy Three Peaks whole loaf approx. 6 kg.

Mild cut-cheese, typical aroma the alpine dairy Three Peaks, Toblach

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Schwarzenstein Hard Cheese whole loaf approx. 9 kg. - Mila

The Schwarzenstein is surrounded by a dry, black rind, which highlights its special nature and preserves its strong aroma. The natural cellar notes suggest the place of ripening of the Schwarzenstein. The inside of the cheese is pale to straw yellow and closed. The Schwarzenstein has a firm and crystalline texture and is slightly melting in the mouth. The long ripening process gives the hard cheese an aromatic spiciness and notes of roasted chestnuts, dried fruits and honey. In the aftertaste, slight caramel and chocolate notes are recognizable. The taste is very complex, powerful and unmistakable. A cheese with character and recognition.

Reviews: 4 from 5 stars

Sextner farm cheese loaf approx. 10 kg. - Cheese dairy Sexten

Cheese Dolomites emperor dairy Three Mountains loaf ap. 11 kg.

Decently spicy cut-cheese the alpine dairy Three Mountains - Dobbiaco

Sextner cheese Mont' Elmo loaf ap. 10 kg. cheese dairy Sexten

Mountain cheese Superior South Tyrol loaf appr. 10 kg. - Dairy Three Peaks

Sextner Alpino cheese whole loaf appr. 9,5 kg. - Cheese dairy Sexten

The "SEXTNER Alpino" is very harmonious in the overall impression and is particularly characterised by its low fat content and its spicy aroma.

Burgeiser Classic Cheese Dairy Burgeis loaf approx. 10 kg.

Cut cheese bovine milk, Appearance: cylinder form with convex edge, Aroma: milk aromas, Flavour: sweet, Consistency: very soft, Maturation: approx. 6 months, bunker.

Venosta Valley Alpeggio matured cheese form approx. 5 kg.

Hard cheese bovine raw milk, Appearance: cylinder form - slightly concaved, Aroma: strong hay scent, Flavour: balanced, Consistency: rubbery - compact, Maturation: 6-12 months, bunker.

Cheese fr. high mountain huts in Lagrein wine DEGUST appr. 5 kg

Cut cheese bovine raw milk, Appearance: rind with grape mark - bright strawy - yellow interior, Aroma: scent of pastures - wine-like aromas, Flavour: nuts - chocolate - full-flavoured, Consistency: soft - rubbery, Maturation: 6-15 months

Hoamatkas Alp Cheese in Hay DEGUST loaf approx. 5.5 kg.

Cut cheese bovine raw milk, Appearance: wrapped in hay, Aroma: hay, Flavour: full - well - rounded flavour, Consistency: rubbery - crumbly, Maturation: 5-12 months in barrique

Berg Lagrein Cheese DEGUST approx. 5 kg.

Cut cheese bovine milk, Appearance: rind covered with pomace, Aroma: nutty - chocolate, Flavour: intensive - spicy, Consistency: brittle, Maturation: 15-24 months

Lord of Whisky Cheese DEGUST whole loaf approx. 5 kg.

Cut cheese bovine milk, Appearance: deep brown bark, Smell: intensely, Taste and aroma: spicy - intensely salty - whisky barrel, Consistency and structure: compactly – crumbly, Maturation: approx. 60 days in empty whisky barrel

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