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Nonino - Udine - Friaul - Italy

Nonino Grappa: An Icon of Italian Excellence

Nonino Grappa is synonymous with refinement and tradition, a true symbol of Italian excellence in the world of spirits. Founded in 1897 by Orazio Nonino in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of north-eastern Italy, the Nonino family has been able to transform a rustic and popular drink into a luxurious and sophisticated product, loved by connoisseurs and novices alike.

The success of Nonino Grappa is based on the Nonino family's passion and commitment to preserving and perfecting ancient distillation techniques. With five generations of master distillers behind them, the family has made quality and innovation its trademark.

One of the secrets of Nonino Grappa's success is the exclusive use of fresh and selected pomace, harvested and processed within a few hours of vinification to guarantee maximum quality and freshness. The company uses only autochthonous pomace the Friuli region, resulting in distillates that express the territory and its winemaking traditions.

Another distinctive element is the bain-marie distillation in copper stills, a traditional method that allows obtaining soft and aromatic grappas, with a great olfactory complexity. The Nonino family was the first to introduce the discontinuous bain-marie still in Italy, revolutionising the grappa sector.

Nonino grappas are distinguished by their elegance and finesse, thanks also to the ageing in oak barriques, which gives them depth and roundness. The company's portfolio is wide and varied, ranging the traditional Grappa Monovitigno to the most refined and precious Riserve, passing through Grappa d'Uva Cru and the famous Aquaviti d'Uva.

Among the flagship products of Nonino Grappa stands out the Grappa Picolit, a monovarietal grappa obtained the pomace of the homonymous autochthonous vine, awarded with numerous international prizes and considered one of the best grappas in the world. Another jewel of the house is Amaro Nonino Quintessentia, a bitter liqueur obtained an infusion of herbs, roots and spices, which combines Friulian tradition with the family's craftsmanship.

Nonino Grappa is a testimony of Italian excellence, a product that encapsulates the passion, history and know-how of a family dedicated to the creation of top quality distillates.

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Amaro Nonino Quintessentia 35 % 70 cl. Aperitiv / Bitter

Amaro Nonino Quintessentia Liquore 35 % 0,70 lt.

Confection Distillate of Acacia Honey 37 % 70 cl. - Nonino

Frut Lamponi 45 % 35 cl. - Nonino

Grappa Antica Cuvée 43° 5Jahre - 0,7 lt. - Nonino

Grappa Chardonnay 41 % 70 cl. - Nonino

Grappa Chardonnay Barrique 41 % 2 lt. - Nonino

Grappa Chardonnay Barrique 41 % 70 cl. - Nonino

Grappa Cru Fragolino 45 % 1 lt. - Nonino

Grappa Cru Picolit 50 % 50 cl. - Nonino

Grappa Cru Ribolla 45 % 1 lt. - Nonino

Grappa UE Fragolino 38 % 70 cl. - Nonino

Grappa UE Malvasia 40 % 70 cl. - Nonino

Grappa Ue Riserva 5 Jahre 0,7 L. Nonino

Grappa UE Vitigni Bianchi 38 % 70 cl. - Nonino

Grappa Vendemmia Bianca Millessimato 40° - 0,7 lt. - Nonino

Grappa Vuisinar Riserva 0,7 L. Nonino

Konfektion Destillat aus Honig Zitrusfrüchte - 0,35 lt. - Nonino

Nonino Grappa 43,00 % 0,70 Liter - 0.7 lt.

Nonino Grappa Chardonnay in Barriques 41,00 % 0,70 Liter - 0.7 lt.

Nonino Grappa Cru Monovitigno Fragolino 45 % 0,50 lt.

Nonino Grappa Millesimata Cuvée 40 % 0,70 Liter - 0.7 lt.

Nonino Grappa Monovitigni Single Grapes 40% Vol. 40 % 0,50 lt.

Nonino Grappa Monovitigni Vendemmia 40 % 1,00 Liter - 1 lt.

Nonino Grappa Monovitigno il Merlot 41 % 0,70 Liter - 0.7 lt.

Nonino Grappa Riserva 8 Years Old 43,00 % 0,70 Liter - 0.7 lt.

Nonino Grappa Riserva Antica Cuvée 5 Years Old 43 % 0,70 lt.

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Nonino Grappa ÙE Monovitigni Uvabianca 38 % 0,70 Liter - 0.7 lt.

Nonino Grappa ÚE Monovitigno la Malvasia 38 % 0,70 Liter - 0.7 lt.

Nonino Grappa ÙE Monovitigno Riserva 25th Anniversary 43,00 % 0,70 Liter - 0.7 lt.

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