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Beer Forst 1857 330 ml.

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Product No.: B003
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Product features
  • Type - Spirits & Beer: Beer
  • Manufacturer: Forst
  • Contents: 0.33 lt.

Forst 1857 - A name that makes the difference

The new FORST 1857 embraces 150 years of history, tradition and the highest quality of the Forst brewery products. It's a kind of beer "all-round", created and produced to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Forst Brewery. The FORST 1857 is extremely elegant with its green bottle and its refined gold label. It has a fresh taste of light malt and notes of bitter flavor, comes the best Bohemian hops; this beer leaves a pleasant aftertaste that induces to drink it again. The FORST 1857 is designed to satisfy the tastes of a wide variety of beer drinkers who appreciate quality and elegance. The FORST 1857 is a beer for every day and every occasion: just taste it!

Smooth round beer with an intense aroma of malt, honey and acacia as well as a slight hint of bitterness at the end.

Manufacturer: Forst - Bozen - Südtirol - Italy

Forst Brewery is a renowned brewery based in the municipality of Algund in beautiful South Tyrol, Italy. With an impressive tradition dating back to 1857, Forst has become one of the leading breweries in the region and beyond.

Forst is known for producing high-quality beers that meet the highest quality standards. The brewery places great emphasis on using first-class ingredients and traditional brewing techniques to create unique taste experiences. The clear mountain water the surrounding Dolomites and selected barley malt form the basis for Forst's excellent beers.

One of Forst's flagship products is the famous Forst Premium Lager, a light, golden-coloured beer with a balanced bitterness and a pleasant malty aroma. It is a classic, appreciated for its premium quality and refreshing taste. In addition to Premium Lager, the brewery also offers other varieties such as Forst Sixtus, an elegant amber beer, and Forst Dunkel, a malty dark beer known for its caramel and chocolate notes.

Forst Brewery is proud of its long history and its strong connection to the South Tyrol region. It is committed to sustainability and environmental protection, for example by relying on renewable energies and implementing measures to avoid and recycle waste. Forst also supports local initiatives and events and actively contributes to the development of the community of Algund.

Forst's beers have received numerous awards over the years, both nationally and internationally. This reflects the brewery's dedication to quality and innovation. With a wide range of beers that appeal to different taste preferences, Forst has become a popular choice for beer lovers in South Tyrol and beyond.

Overall, Forst Brewery is a brewery steeped in tradition that builds on its heritage to produce high-quality beers that tantalise the palate. With its commitment to quality, sustainability and its ties to the region, Forst is an important institution in South Tyrolean beer culture and a flagship for Italian craft brewing.

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Buy now this product together with Zabov Moccia Liquor with eggs 15 % 1 lt.
Beer Forst 1857 330 ml. Zabov Moccia Liquor with eggs 15 % 1 lt.
21,25 EUR
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Beer Forst 1857 330 ml.
ready for shipment: in stock
  Zabov Moccia Liquor with eggs 15 % 1 lt.
 — ready for shipment: in stock

Buy now this product together with Beer Set Forst 18 x 330 ml. South Tyrol
Beer Forst 1857 330 ml. Beer Set Forst 18 x 330 ml. South Tyrol
31,35 EUR
You save: 10,30 EUR
incl. 22 % Tax excl.

Beer Forst 1857 330 ml.
ready for shipment: in stock
  Beer Set Forst 18 x 330 ml. South Tyrol
 — ready for shipment: in stock

Prager ham Villgrater sliced approx. 150 gr.

During the hot season, which did not allow for air curing, in earlier times people began to cook the meat first and then lightly smoke it. This resulted in a good shelf life and a food product with an extraordinary taste and aroma.

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White Balsamic Condiment 'Oro Nobile' BIO 500 ml. - Acetaia Leonardi

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Zabov Moccia Liquor with eggs 15 % 1 lt.

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Cola Classic 6 x 250 ml. - Alpex

Finally, a purely Italian, healthy and sustainable cola. Made according to an original recipe and with high quality ingredients, starting with water the Dolomites, it is ideal for anyone looking for a drink that offers a little more than the usual colas on the market.

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Order the real South Tyrolean specialities, South Tyrolean bacon, cheese, wines & Italian delicatessen from the comfort of your own home!

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