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Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Zweigelt South Tyrol - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Tenuta Ebner

St. Magdalener klassisch DOC - 2017 - 0.75 lt. - Kellerei Rottensteiner

Selection 01 Merlot Cabernet Bernardi - cantina Termeno - 0.75 lt.

Cabernet Sauvignon COR Römigberg - 2015 - Tenuta Lageder - 0.75 lt.

Very deep, intense cherry-red colour. Pronounced, complex aroma, fruity (cherry, blackcurrant) and spicy, with floral notes (tobacco, violets, mint) combined with elegant oak spice. Quite powerful and rich on the palate, with an intense, strong taste and a long lasting, fresh and fruity aftertaste. The tannins are rather strong though well balanced with the sweetness of the wine's fruit structure.

Cabernet Riserva Collection Graf Huyn - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - wine cellar Bozen

fruity, intensive wine with body, velvety full-ness and characteristic tannic structure.

Merlot MCM - 2018 - 0.75 lt. - Tenuta Lageder

deep, intense cherry-red colour with ruby tints. Pronounced, complex aroma with concentrated fruity notes (red and black berries), delicate spice impressions (juniper, liquorice) combined with elegant oak. Quite powerful and rich on the palate. Long lasting with a fresh aftertaste and well balanced tannins.

Pinot Nero Riserva Glen - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Kurtatsch

On the palate, it has a velvety, extremely berry-like effect like a French Burgundy, and tones of fresh elderberries and wild cherries give the subtle fruit sweetness a succinct, finely-spiced structure.  

Lago di Caldaro Superiore Plantadisch R. - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Klosterhof South Tyrol

Schiava Vernatsch South Tyrol - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Ebner

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Lagrein Riserva Burgum Novum Rarity - 2008 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Castelfeder

This Reserve gives a compact and concentrated wine with a dark red colour and soft tannins. The typical aromas are Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla and Violets.

Merlot - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Franz Haas South Tyrol

Lagrein Gran Lareyn - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Loacker

Pinot Noir Pigeno - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Stroblhof

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Cabernet - Merlot Palestina Double Magnum - 2011 - 3.00 lt. - Winery H. Lentsch

The Palestina is a red wine with an especially heavy bouquet and a complex array of tannins. Color: a deep garnet-red color. Aroma: concentraded fruity aroma reminiscent of blackcurrants with a hint of roasted coffee. Taste: Warm, mineral and smooth tannins, pronounced structure and lingering finish.

Pinot Noir Riserva Trattmann Magnum - 2020 - 1.50 lt. - Winery Girlan

A grape with small berries that has been cultivated in South Tyrol for decades, and which prevails in an aristocratic red wine. With its strong flowery bouquet, velvety finish and fine tannic quality, this wine is perfectly suitable as an accompaniment to meat dishes.

Lago di Caldaro Classico Superiore - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Prälatenhof

Gloria - 2015 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Nusserhof

Cabernet South Tyrol - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Colterenzio

Cabernet is among South Tyrol's true aristocratic varietal wines and has been cultivated here for over a century. Full dark ruby in colour with a concentrated aroma of blackcurrant and blackberry, rich on the palate with assertive, supple tannins, long with fresh fruit on the finish. Cellaring potential: 2 - 4 years.

Cabernet - Merlot Lacus - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Schullian Walter

deep, intense cherry - red colour, pronounced, complex aroma with concentrated fruity notes. Quite powerful and rich on the palate, and well balanced tannins.

Reviews: 3 from 5 stars

Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Griesbauerhof

Dark garnet in colour with delicate aromas of blackcurrant and eucalyptus. Rich full-bodied and sinewy with smooth, velvety tannins; excellent length.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Merlot Profil - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Wine manufactory Profil Roberto Ferrari

Vernatsch Schiava South Tyrol - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Prackfol

An extremely well-balanced wine, ruby red in color, with fruity aromas of raspberries, strawberries and cherries, and notes of bitter almond. Well-rounded in taste and pleasantly fresh. In short, a varietal wine of notable drinkability.

Merlot Riserva DOC - 2018 - 0.75 lt. - Weingut Clemens Waldthaler

Blauburgunder DOC - Kellerei Rottensteiner - 0.75 lt.

Lagrein Riserva Conus - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Alois Lageder

medium cherry-red colour. Pronounced, fruity (prune, cherry) and spicy aroma with notes of leather, tar, dark chocolate and floral nuances (violets), along with oak spice. Medium structure and with good fruit intensity on the palate. The tannins are present though balanced. Good length with an earthy aftertaste. When cellared under proper conditions, this wine may be kept for 8 to 10 years.

Pinot Noir Riserva Vigna ZIS - 2016 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Brunnenhof

Pinot Noir Riserva - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Waldthaler Clemens

Al Passo Del Leone Rosso - 2018 - Tenuta Lageder - 0.75 lt.

purple colour with garnet hints. Quite pronounced fruity aroma with notes of red and black berries, paired with floral, mineral and spicy nuances (black pepper). Medium to full-bodied, good intensity on the palate, balanced, with present ripe tannin. Good length.

Pinot Noir Filari di Mazzon - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Ferruccio Carlotto

Cabernet - Merlot Palestina Magnum - 2019 - 1.50 lt. - Winery H. Lentsch

The Palestina is a red wine with an especially heavy bouquet and a complex array of tannins. Color: a deep garnet-red color. Aroma: concentraded fruity aroma reminiscent of blackcurrants with a hint of roasted coffee. Taste: Warm, mineral and smooth tannins, pronounced structure and lingering finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva Quintessenz Magnum - 2019 - 1.50 lt. - Winery Caldaro

The wine, with its intense, ruby-violet color, has a nose of blackberries, licorice, cinnamon and underbrush. On the palate, the wine is powerful with dense tannins and a long finish.

RoseMARIE - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Tröpfltalhof BIO

Santa Maddalena Reiseggerhof - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Egger-Ramer

Cuvee Zeder Cabernet - Merlot Magnum - 2021 - 1.50 lt. - Tenuta Kornell

Zweigelt South Tyrol - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Marinushof

This red wine resident in Austria takes pleasure at the warm slopes of the Vinschgau Valley and gains bigger and bigger popularity. We love the special fruit and the decent drinking fun in this wine which has something to offer as a young red wine with some months of Barrique maturation.

Merlot South Tyrol - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Larcherhof

intense cherry-red colour, fruity and pleasant on the palate with light grassy hints. Best paired: to game, lamb and cheeses.

Lagrein Gries Riserva Magnum - 2021 - 1.50 lt. - Winery Terlano South Tyrol

Color: deep ruby to garnet red with a delicate shimmer of violet. Smell: The aroma reveals earthy, minerally notes masterfully underpinned with fruit components, with morello cherry and plum jam dominating. Taste: These peaty, spicy and yet velvety fruit notes also intrigue the palate, where this Lagrein Riserva presents itself with multilayered opulence and great complexity.

Cabernet Sauvigon Campaner Riserva Magnum - 2016 - 1.50 lt. - Winery Caldaro

A saturated ruby red, a delicate aroma of berries, light hints of mint and dark chocolate. Elegant tannins underscore the wine's complexity; a smooth finish with a touch of warmth accompanies its fiery finale.

Merlot - Cabernet Soma Magnum - 2020 - 1.50 lt. - Winery Kurtatsch

The approach to the palate is solid and lush, with a rush of fleshy dark wild berries, while nuanced tannins give the round body a stable balance and a good constitution for a lengthy aging in the bottle.

Lagrein Riserva Abtei M Magnum - 2020 - 1.50 lt. - cantina Muri-Gries

Colour: intensive, dark garnet red. Aroma: complex and multi-layered, ripe berry aromas with cherries and barberries, tangy notes of tobacco and leather, elements of liquorice and eucalyptus, forest soils, dense and full. Taste: convincing structure, finesse and character, soft and velvety nature combined with concentration and extract, finely integrated acidic base, pronounced tannins, fresh and invitingly drinkable, persistent quality - truly one of the most authentic and best interpretations of the native South Tyrolean Lagrein grape

Lagrein Profil - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Roberto Ferrari

St. Magdalener classico Moar 2022 - Winery Bozen - Bolzano - 0.75 lt.

Color: Brilliant ruby red. Aroma: Floral notes of violets and roses; fruity whiff of bing cherries and raspberries, typical hints of bitter almond and marzipan. Flavor: Velvety and full, lingering.

Pinot Noir Buchholz - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Castelfeder Winery

Pinot Noir South Tyrol - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Kollerhof

St. Magdalener Tradition - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Terlano Winery

Merlot - Cabernet Erah - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Haderburg

Pinot Noir - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Stachlburg

Cortazo - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Pfitscher

A powerful, complex wine with fine tannins, somewhere between ruby-red and violet in colour. The nose has slight nuances of violets and forest berries. Full-bodied on the palate with a velvety finish.

Cabernet - Merlot Linticlarus Magnum - 2019 - 1.50 lt. - vine cellar Tiefenbrunner

Deep garnet red in color, this cuvee exhibits discreet aromas of cherry and cassis. In flavor, it is silky-smooth with well-integrated tannins. This is a very complex wine, persistent in the throat with a juicy and salty finish.

Pinot Noir Riserva Matan Magnum - 2020 - 1.50 lt. - Winery Pfitscher

Our Pinot Nero Matan is a wine with terroir and is thus well-structured, with an evident elegance, smooth and rich in aromatic nuances. The high temperature differences between day and night during the ripening season give this powerfully dark red wine a particularly fruit-toned character, lending fruit and pedigree to the Matan with its scents of forest berries.

Lagrein Greif Magnum - 2022 - 1.50 lt. - Tenuta Kornell

JPK Chambourcin - 2016 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Strickerhof

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