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White Wine

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Kerner Eisack Valley - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Strasserhof

Kerner Graf von Meran - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Cantina Merano Burggräfler

Kerner Lahn - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Castelfeder Winery

This powerful white wine shows a straw yellow colour with green reflexes, a complex bouquet of lime, peaches and hints of mango and has a wonderful mouth fill and structure without missing the acidity that gives him the freshness in the aftertaste. A very complex and versatile wine that can be paired to many dishes.

Kerner Praepositus - 2021 - cantina Neustift Alto Adige - 0.75 lt.

Kerner Puntscheit - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Bolzano Winery

Kerner Riserva Auróna - 2015 - 0.75 lt. - Estate Laimburg

Brilliant golden yellow. Fruity bouquet with aromatic notes, complemented by subtle oak. Full bodied with pleasant salty minerality. Persistent an dry.

Kerner Riserva Mondevinum Libellula - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Niklas

A full-bodied white wine, dry and superbly zesty. Fruity and mineral aromas with lots of body. Like the dragonfly. That is our Kerner.

Kerner Sabiona - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Cantina Valle Isarco

aromatic, generous white wine with long life potential, COLOUR: pale yellow, NOSE: intense, aromatic, with hints of apricot and peach, TASTE: aromatic, spicy, intense; vivaciously acidic.

Kerner South Tyrol - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Haidenhof

The Kerner is an aromatic white wine that has been grown on HAIDENHOF for over 40 years. In the glass it shines greenish - light yellow. It has peach and apricot notes on the nose. The palate is very racy and juicy with a mineral finish.

Kerner South Tyrol - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Rielinger

Kerner Venosta Valley - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Merano Burggräfler

This Kerner is a classy and spicy white wine. It's colour shimmers stramineous with greenish reflexes in the glas. The taste is tender with an influence of peach and nutmeg. The mouth feel is full and strong.

Kinesis Sauvignon - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Baron di Pauli

Kitz IGT - Kellerei Rottensteiner - 0.75 lt.

Kontur Kerner - 2020 - Winery Rielinger - 0.75 lt.

Kukuck - 2018 - 0.75 lt. - Organic winery Vogelsanghof

Our „Kukuck“ is a very characterful wine that stands out many organic onces with its peculiarity and high quality. As mineral, fruity, fresh and persistent, it inspires almost everyone and will be long remembered on the palate and in the mind. It is a cuvée of 30% Solaris and 70% Muscaris, both fungus-resistant grape varieties that have a good resistance to downy mildew and powdery mildew and thus enable us to work completely naturally and without chemical pesticides phytosanitary products.

La Manina - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Manincor - Enzenberg

Luminous yellow with greenish reflexes, fruit-emphatically after quince, litchi and pink grapefruit, but also fresh and aromatic herbs, sage and mint. Light, with irresistible drinkability. Already drinking-ready, however, absolutely also some years well storable.

Lieben Aich Sauvignon - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Cantina Manincor - Enzenberg

Brilliant golden yellow in colour with an intense aroma reminiscent of ripe tropical fruits such as papaya and kiwi, as well as elderflower; full-bodied on the palate, succulent , elegant and tangy, long with hints of honey on the finish.

LR Riserva - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Colterenzio

Reviews: 4 from 5 stars

Manna Schweizer - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Franz Haas Alto Adige

Manzoni Bianco Incrocio IGT - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Maso Thaler - Motta

The wine is fine and delicate, with an excellent body and structure. It is straw yellow in color. The nose is aromatic, subtle and elegant, with tones of peach, apple, and tropical fruit, with a flowery bouquet. The taste is savory and mineral. It is ideal as an aperitiv wine and as accompaniment to appetizers, pasta dishes, soft cheeses, fish, shellfish, and white meats.

Mitanond Pinot Blanc - 2022 - Winery Thomas Pichler - 0.75 lt.

Gentle and delicate in fragrance. A broad spectrum of fragrances reminiscent of green apple, pear, hazelnut, quince and elderberries. All components on the palate are in harmony. Very balanced white wine with spicy, mineral aftertaste.

Reviews: 4.9 from 5 stars

Moscalo Giallo Dolce Alto Adige - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - cantina Termeno

Moscato Giallo Dry - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Prälatenhof

Moscato Giallo Graf von Meran - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - cantina Merano

A vivid stramineous color with greenish gleam. The flowery aromas remind of roses, cloves, nutmeg and ethereal flavours. The taste is harmonic, fresh and soft with a long persistant finish.

Moscato Giallo South Tyrol - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - winery Bolzano

Dark yellow color, intensive aromas of Muscat grape, medium body, fine dry taste

Moscato Giallo Vogelmaier - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Alois Lageder

Color: bright-yellow with a green shimmer. Nose: highly aromatic, floral, ripe fuits (white peach), spicy.Flavour: medium-bodied, intense bouquet, well-balanced, grapey-fruity, fresh, dry.

Muskaris - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Santerhof - Winery Wilhelm Gasser

The Muskaris the Santer cellar seduces with its fine floreal scent of violets, rose and lilac, but it also shows its fruity side with aromas of citrus fruits and a clear muscat note. On the palate it presents itself fresh and balanced with an animating fruit-acid-play and a delicate spice. Wine obtained biological grapes .

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Müller Thurgau - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - cantina Neustift Alto Adige

Müller Thurgau - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Tenuta Garlider - Christian Kerschbaumer

Reviews: 4.7 from 5 stars

Müller Thurgau - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery S. Michele Appiano South Tyrol

Crystal-clear with a deep, green-yellow colour, this wine enjoys a unique type of aromatic fullness. Delicate hay and mild nutmeg fragrances typify the fine completeness of its scent. Sensations also recur on the palate, where the charming nature of this Müller Thurgau also comes to fruition. An uncomplicated wine in a simple style, fresh and easy to drink. Served chilled, it is a good accompaniment to the most varied of dishes, especially freshwater fish.

Reviews: 4.5 from 5 stars

Müller Thurgau - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - cantina soc. Eisacktal Alto Adige

Müller Thurgau - 2022 - Muri-Gries Winery - 0.75 lt.

Müller Thurgau - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Unterortl Castel Juval

Müller Thurgau Alto Adige - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - winery Terlano

color: pale yellow; aroma: light aromatic with a gentle fragrance of tropical fruits; taste: dry, medium bodied, with a fruity well balanced acidity

Müller Thurgau Aristos - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Cantina Valle Isarco

slightly aromatic white wine with floral sensations, COLOUR yellow to light straw yellow, NOSE intense, pleasant, aromatic with scents of exotic fruits and muscat, TASTE dry, fresh, slightly aromatic, vivacious

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Müller Thurgau Eisack Valley - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Köfererhof

Müller Thurgau Eisack Valley - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Pacherhof

Müller Thurgau is a tasty white wine with a greenish to light yellow colour. The fragrance is flowery and evokes grass and nutmeg. The taste is freshly aromatic.

Müller Thurgau Eisack Valley - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Strasserhof

Müller Thurgau Gassner - 2021 - Castelfeder Winery - 0.75 lt.

Müller Thurgau Graun - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Kurtatsch

lively, quaffable, lightly aromatic white wine - a pleasant tone of nutmeg that varies in intensity depending upon the vineyard location is typical of the variety. This wine, which is both spicy and lively, is reminiscent of a freshly mown Alpine meadow. The high mountain acidity is harmoniously interwoven with the fruitiness, yielding flavors of yellow peaches, honey, nutmeg blossoms, hazel nuts, and peach blossom tea.

Müller Thurgau Graun DOC - 2018 - 0.75 lt. - Kellerei Kurtatsch

Müller Thurgau Graun DOC - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Kellerei Kurtatsch

Müller Thurgau Graun DOC - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Kellerei Kurtatsch

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Müller Thurgau Merus - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - vine cel. Tiefenbrunner

Pale green to light yellow in colour, this wine is satisfying to the nose as well as in the mouth. Fruity and aromatic, with notes of wild herbs and fresh grass, as well as nutmeg, it is full-bodied well-structured, juicy and balanced in its finish.

Müller Thurgau Michei - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Hofstätter

Pale yellow with greenish reflexes, on the nose it is intense and warm, well structured on the palate supported by Muscat-like fruit and a firm acid backbone.

Müller Thurgau Sass Rigais - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Manni Nössing Hoandlhof

Müller Thurgau South Tyrol - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Rielinger

Reviews: 4 from 5 stars

Müller Thurgau South Tyrol - 2018 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Kurtatsch

An aromatic, light white wine, Greenish-yellow to straw yellow

Müller Thurgau South Tyrol - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Lageder Alois

brilliant straw-yellow colour with a green shimmer. Pronounced, fruity, forward varietal aroma with a delicate muscat note. Medium-bodied, elegant, grapey flavour with a crisp, refreshing finish.

Müller Thurgau South Tyrol - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Caldaro

Our Müller-Thurgau is a delicious white wine, has a light-yellow color with green tinges, a floral nose with hints of grass and musk rose, with a fresh, complex flavor.

Müller Thurgau South Tyrol - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Girlan

Müller Thurgau is the result of a crossing between Riesling and Sylvaner. The bunches are fine and have green-yellowish fragrant grapes. The wine's delicate note of aromatic walnut and moderate acidity are highly appreciated. This wine is best served with hors d'oeuvres, seafood, grilled fish and white meat.

Müller Thurgau South Tyrol - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery St. Pauls

Müller Thurgau is a delicately aromatic white wine, greenish to pale yellow in color, flowery, lightly herbaceous with a hint of Muscat, dry fresh and aromatic on the palate.

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