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Frauenriegel Merlot Cabernet Franc - 2015 - 0.75 lt. - Peter Dipoli Winery

MCMLVII Merlot IGT - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Kellerei Lageder Alois

Merlot - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - cantina Colterenzio Alto Adige

Merlot - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Franz Haas South Tyrol

Merlot Alto Adige - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Cantina Termeno

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Merlot Alto Adige Riserva - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Podere Provinciale Laimburg

Merlot Antiopè Magnum - 2022 - Morandell Winery - 1.50 lt.

Antiope is an Amazon of Greek mythology. The name of our Merlot, however, was ostensibly inspired by a butterfly the noble butterfly family, "Nymphalis antiopa". Our Merlot is just as noble, distinguished and pleasant as the butterfly. In the beat of its wings lies the divine! Deep ruby-red fruit-driven wine with intense aromas of forest fruits and dark berries as well as a pleasant note of chocolate, complex structure with velvety elegant body. 

Merlot Antiope' - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Morandell

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Merlot Brenntal - 2018 - Winery Kurtatsch - 0.75 lt.

Merlot was first introduced to Alto Adige around 130 years ago along with the other Bordeaux varieties Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Merlot Brenntal DOC - 1996 - 0.75 lt. - Kellerei Kurtatsch

Merlot Brenntal DOC - 1998 - 0.75 lt. - Kellerei Kurtatsch

Merlot Brenntal DOC - 1999 - 0.75 lt. - Kellerei Kurtatsch

Merlot Brenntal DOC - 2000 - 1,5 lt. - Kellerei Kurtatsch

Merlot Brenntal Magnum - 2011 - 1.50 lt. - Winery Kurtatsch

Merlot was first introduced to Alto Adige around 130 years ago along with the other Bordeaux varieties Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Merlot Castel Campan - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Cantina Manincor - Enzenberg

Dark purple red with a delicate interplay of aromas embracing dark berry fruits, cedar wood with hints of tobacco. On the palate it shows power, concentration and impressive structure underpinned by ripe, mellow but assertive tannins; an elegant wine with impressive length.

Merlot Collection Graf Huyn - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - winery Bolzano

Merlot Fihl - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Peter Dipoli

FIHL is the ancient name of VILLA, a hamlet located North of Egna. Here is where the winery is located.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Merlot Huberfeld - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - vine cellar St. Pauls

The high quality of the grapes and aging in wooden casks (a small amount of it is aged in barrique) make this a rich and fruity red wine to be enjoyed at leisure.

Merlot Lason - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Caldaro

A 14-month long aging in barrique and low yields give this wine its intense, brilliant, ruby red. Its aromas are reminiscent of berries, a little mint and licorice; soft tannins and a juicy structure with a silky and elegant finish complete the tableau.

Merlot Levad - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - vine cellar Nals-Margreid South Tyrol

Merlot Levad comes old vines near Magrè. To improve its typical spicy taste, slightly fruity, the ageing takes place in small barrels, for 14 months. The tannic components mixed with fruits give birth to a well-structured wine.

Merlot MCM - 2018 - 0.75 lt. - Tenuta Lageder

deep, intense cherry-red colour with ruby tints. Pronounced, complex aroma with concentrated fruity notes (red and black berries), delicate spice impressions (juniper, liquorice) combined with elegant oak. Quite powerful and rich on the palate. Long lasting with a fresh aftertaste and well balanced tannins.

Merlot Mollis Crescendo - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Ritterhof

temperature controlled fermentation in apposite containers and 14 month maturation in barrique and big wooden barrels Organoleptic characteristic: This Merlot grows on morainic, gravelly and barren soils, has a garnet red colour, a bouquet of blackberries and raspberries, it is characteristic and hearty to the palate. This is a wine for experts.

Merlot Nussleiten - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Tenuta Castel Sallegg South Tyrol

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Merlot Profil - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Wine manufactory Profil Roberto Ferrari

Merlot Quirinus - 2020 - St. Quirinus organic Winery - 0.75 lt.

Dark garnet red color, full, round body with a velvety tannin, harmonious acidity and an aroma of blackberry, cherry, a hint of vanilla and light roasted aromas.

Merlot Raut - 2015 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Waldthaler Clemens

Merlot Raut DOC - 2009 - 0.75 lt. - Weingut Clemens Waldthaler

Merlot Raut Magnum WC - 2014 - 1.50 lt. - Waldthaler Clemens Winery

Merlot Raut Magnum WC - 2014 - Waldthaler Clemens Winery

Merlot RF - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Wine manufactory Profil Roberto Ferrari

Merlot Riserva - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - 15% vol. - Winery Haidenhof

A powerful red wine. Aromas of blackberry, bitter chocolate and forest floor. It has soft tannins in the mouth and is creamy and persistent.

Merlot Riserva - 2019 - Sallegg Winary - 0.75 lt.

Merlot Riserva 2019 H. Lentsch Winery

Merlot Riserva DOC - 2017 - 0.75 lt. - Weingut Clemens Waldthaler

Merlot Riserva Freiberg DOC - 1999 - 1,5 lt. - Meraner Kellerei Burggräfler

Merlot Riserva Freiherr Selection - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - cantina Merano

Merlot Riserva Gant - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Andrian

Colour: ruby to garnet red; Aroma: intense fruit flavours (black currant, prunes); Taste: full-bodied with a pleasant aftertaste and soft tannins, very complex body. Good evolution potential.

Merlot Riserva Georg - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Nicolussi-Leck

On the nose, our Cuvee presents itself fruity, with intense aromas of ripe wild berries (blackberry and redcurrant) as well as elegant spice the Cabernet franc. Powerful and long-lasting on the palate with ripe tannin and fresh acidity, this wine offers an absolute drinking experience. A wine for special moments and very long longevity.

Merlot Riserva Klausner - 2017 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Kobler Armin

Merlot Riserva Kressfeld - 2017 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Kornellhof

Merlot Riserva MR - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Pitzner Winery

Merlot Riserva MR - 2021 - Pitzner Winery

Merlot Riserva Nussbaum DOC - 2020 - Weingut Klosterhof - 0.75 lt.

Merlot Riserva Siebeneich - 2017 - 0.75 lt. - Cantina Bolzano

Deion: fruity, harmonious wine with body and velvety full-ness.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Merlot Riserva Siebeneich - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Terlano

Color: brilliant deep ruby red Smell: The primary fruit aromas of dried plum and cranberry combine with the herbal aromas of mint and eucalyptus and a hint of black pepper to create a many-faceted bouquet. Taste: With its sturdy tannin structure and rich fruit aromas, the Merlot can develop to the full on the palate to display great complexity with depth and length.

Merlot Riserva Spitz - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Griesbauerhof

Dark ruby in colour with garnet reflexes and sweet aromas of cherry and fruit drops. Mildly spicy with notes of oak bark and eucalyptus. Round, juicy with fresh fruit; delicate tannins. Lingers long on the palate.

Merlot Riserva Staves Magnum - 2020 - 1.50 lt. - Winery Kornellhof

Color: Dark ruby red. Nose: Ripe aromas with notes of plums and raspberries, a hint of chocolate, fine, spicy nuances. Taste: Ripe fruits, succulent tannins, appealing fullness, salty-succulent, enticingly long finish.

Merlot Riserva Vigna Kastelaz - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Elena Walch

Elegant nuance of new oak, rich and concentrated in the best French style

Merlot Riserva XV - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Tenuta Lageder

Reviews: 4.5 from 5 stars

Merlot Siebeneich - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - wine cellar Colterenzio

Reviews: 4.7 from 5 stars

Merlot South Tyrol - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - wine cellar Lageder Alois

Medium ruby colour with garnet tints. Clean, uplifted berry character, young and quite plump aroma with some spiciness (pepper). Medium bodied, with soft fruit flavours and some light tannin and a little acidity on the finish giving a nice freshness.

Merlot South Tyrol - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Larcherhof

intense cherry-red colour, fruity and pleasant on the palate with light grassy hints. Best paired: to game, lamb and cheeses.

Merlot South Tyrol - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Cantina Bolzano

fruity, harmonious wine with body and velvety full-ness.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Merlot South Tyrol - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Elena Walch

Elegant and stylish, matured in traditional oak casks

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