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Red wines

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Lagrein Segen Selection - 2018 - 0.75 lt. - cantina Merano

Pinot Noir - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Unterortl Castel Juval

Cabernet Riserva Burgum Novum - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Castelfeder Winery

A deep garnet-red color, this wine exhibits understated aromas of cherries, cassis and wild berries. Forceful yet round in flavor, its impressive depth and elegance persist throughout its lingering finish. An excellent accompaniment to pork, veal, or beef, lamb, poultry, game or gamebirds, as well as cheeses.

Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva - 2017 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Kurtatsch

"Freienfeld" Cabernet is a single varietal Cabernet Sauvignon that represents the quintessence of quality winegrowing in Kurtatsch. Only when weather conditions have produced an optimal vintage is a "Freienfeld" produced.

Merlot - Cabernet Soma - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Kurtatsch

The approach to the palate is solid and lush, with a rush of fleshy dark wild berries, while nuanced tannins give the round body a stable balance and a good constitution for a lengthy aging in the bottle.

Reviews: 4 from 5 stars

St. Magdalena Rondell - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Tenuta Glögglhof South Tyrol

Characteristics: - colour: bright, vigorous ruby red colour - smell: fruity and flowery with a scent of cherries and violets, fine almond flavour, warm - taste: velvety, harmonious, strongly developed and full bodied, depth, mild acidity, fine tannin and a lingering aftertast.

Pinot Noir Fuchsleiten - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Pfitscher

The intensive scent of red and dark berries as well as violets is typical of our vineyards in Montan. The Blauburgunder the Unterland region comes astonishingly close to some of the "model" wines Burgundy. This red wine develops harmoniously, with a full body and lasting finish. In the glass it gleams with a beautiful dark to ruby red.

Pinot Noir Riserva Vigna Ganger - 2018 - 0.75 lt. - winery Girlan

Cuvee Rossa Riserva Flora - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Girlan

Intense ruby red, full and very pleasing to the palate. Light balsamic notes of rosemary and thyme. Certainly an important read wine and particularly suitable for roast meats, game and spicy cheeses.

Pinot Noir Crescendo Dignus - 2016 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Ritterhof

Lagrein Calldiv - 2013 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Von Braunbach

Cabernet Merlot Riserva Rossa Flora - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Girlan

Lagrein South Tyrol - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Putzenhof

Ruby to dark garnet red with slightly violet tones, pleasant bouquet typical for this kind of wine, light smell of violet, vanilla and dark forest berries, harsh-fruity in the palate, substantial and smoothly with a fine, velvety aroma and soft tannic acids.

St. Magdalener Classico - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Egger-Ramer

Pinot Noir Riserva Anrar - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Andriano

Edelvernatsch Pfeffersburger DOC - Kellerei Nals - Margreid - 0.75 lt.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Pinot Noir Riserva Hausmannhof - 2017 - 0.75 lt. - Haderburg

Pinot Noir Riserva Linticlarus - 2018 - 0.75 lt. - vine cellar Tiefenbrunne

Ruby red in color with a deep garnet sheen, this fruity wine has a fine cherry bouquet. Balanced and round in flavor, it shows plenty of structure and is well-proportioned, with an elegant, lingering finish.

Lagrein Riserva Frauenhügel - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Kurtatsch

"Frauriegl" Lagrein has a seductive abundance of fruit ranging wild berries and elderberries to black cherries and cocoa beans.

St. Magdalener Classic South Tyrol - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Larcherhof

ruby red colour, pleasant and fruity on the palate. Recommendations: ideal to appetizers, or to typical tyrolean fare such as speck and sausage, but also to lighter meats and mild cheeses.

Lagrein Mirell Magnum - 2020 - 1.50 lt. - Winery Ansitz Waldgries

Eye: deep purple Nose: ripe black cherry, forest floor, tertiary aromas, with an elegant hint of fine herbs Palate: dense and elegant structure, finely structured delicate tannins, persistent body

Kalterer See - Caldaro Lake Olte Reben - 2021 - Winery Thomas Pichler - 0.75 lt.

Brilliant ruby red. Fruity aromas of cherries, strawberries, almonds and a light hint of marzipan. Well-balanced with liveliness, fresh, juicy and clean.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Pinot Noir Riserva - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - winery Brunnenhof

The colour: dark ruby. A smell of raspberries and strawberries, a grace of blackberries. A complicated and, nevertheless, harmonious body, severity and acid in the unison, hard and concentrated. A velvety, persistent departure.

Merlot Castel Campan - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Cantina Manincor - Enzenberg

Dark purple red with a delicate interplay of aromas embracing dark berry fruits, cedar wood with hints of tobacco. On the palate it shows power, concentration and impressive structure underpinned by ripe, mellow but assertive tannins; an elegant wine with impressive length.

Cabernet Franc Amistar - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Peter Sölva & Söhne

It is an absolute speciality to bottle a pure Cabernet Franc. This brother of the Cabernet Saugivnon is a very elegant and gentle red wine. It convinces with its pleasant fruit taste, like fruits of the forest and its strong, caressing character on the palette.

Pinot Noir Mazzon Riserva - 2017 - Winery Gottardi Mazzon - 0.75 lt.

Pinot Noir Glener - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Castelfeder Winery

Powerful ruby red colour. Fine characteristic Pinot bouquet with a clearly fruity character and a trace of spicey and smokey aromas. This wine is powerful and expressive on the palate with a pleasant tannic background. A noble wine for moderately complicated dishes.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Lagrein Vigna Steinraffler - 2018 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Hofstätter Joseph

This is a wine of unusual contrasts - on the one hand full-bodied and concentrated while on the other, time and again tasters are surprised at its positive rusticity combined with elegance.

Lagrein Alto Adige - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Kandlerhof

Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva Sass Roá - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Laimburg

Deep purple in colour with garnet-red highlights. A blackcurrant and melissa bouquet accompanied by wood aromas. Sturdy in structure, packed with tannins and long-lasting in finish.

Pinot Noir Mason - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Manincor - Graf Enzenberg

Bright, purple with a fresh bouquet of berry fruits and cherry, full-bodied and succulent on the palate, dry but implicitly sweet due to high extract, mellow tannins, finishing with impressive length.

Reviews: 4 from 5 stars

Lagrein Schweizer - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Franz Haas South Tyrol

Usually bright red, in some vintages this wine can display deep purple highlights. On the nose, the aromas are very intense and ample, with hints of ripe red berries, fresh grass, and violets. On the palate, it is velvety with good concentration and character and soft tannins. This wine goes wonderfully well with hearty fully-flavoured grilled red meat.

Merlot Riserva Kressfeld - 2017 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Kornellhof

Pinot Noir Hausmannhof - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Haderburg

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Cabernet Lagrein Kastlet Bio - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Loacker

Cabernet Kirchhügel - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Kurtatsch

Those who have a little patience and can cellar their "Kirchhügel" Cabernet for a length of time will be rewarded with tertiary aromas that are reminiscent of an oriental tea ceremony: cedar, suede, tobacco, roasted hazelnuts, sponge cake, and dried blackberries.

Lagrein Latus Crescendo - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Ritterhof

The Lagrein Crescendo the best sites of Gries and Auer impresses with its dark garnet red up to deep blue colour, with the slight chocolate and fruit of the forest fragrance seduces and convinces the palate with its hearty, full, velvety structure with soft tannins.

Lagrein Riserva Gries - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - vine cellar Nals-Margreid South Tyrol

The ideal location of our Gries Lagrein Riserva in the historical vineyard of Gries, in Bozen, arouses its fruity and savory aromas of ripe fruit, cherry and chocolate. The heat of Bozen's circular valley lends it velvety elegance, a soft body and vivid freshness, with well-integrated tannins. With its fruity finish, it is the perfect partner for lamb, game and red, grilled meats.

Lagrein Riserva - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Pfannenstielhof

Very deep and dark ruby in colour, only beginning to show signs of maturity. Lovely blackberry nose mingled with a hint of new oak. Sweet and generous, rich and concentrated on the palate, masses of fruit with enough tannin and acidity to balance, elegant finish.

Lagrein South Tyrol - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Griesbauerhof

Deep, dark red in colour, with fine aromas of dark berries such as mulberry; lightly earthy. Full-bodied, with supple tannins, velvety and uncomplicated; excellent length.

Lagrein Merlau - 2022 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Thurnhof

It is a very fruity Lagrein, dominated by berry-flavours, recalling raspberries and various wild berries. The exceedingly intense red of Lagrein "Merlau" comes almost close to purple. On the palate it convinces with its strong, round tannins and pleasant fullness. Its fruity and fresh character invites you to have another glass of it.

Lagrein South Tyrol - 2021 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Egger-Ramer

Lagrein Villa Karneid - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - Castelfeder Winery

The harmonious, soft tannins on the palate and its dark garnet red colour are the main characteristics of this indigenous red wine Lagrein Villa Karneid Castelfeder. With its intese and complex bouqet and fresh parfume of wild berries and violets, the Castelfeder Lagrein Villa Karneid is ideal for red meats and roasts.

Pinot Noir Riserva Matan - 2016 - Winery Pfitscher - 0.75 lt.

Our Pinot Nero Matan is a wine with terroir and is thus well-structured, with an evident elegance, smooth and rich in aromatic nuances. The high temperature differences between day and night during the ripening season give this powerfully dark red wine a particularly fruit-toned character, lending fruit and pedigree to the Matan with its scents of forest berries.

Merlot Collection Graf Huyn - 2019 - 0.75 lt. - winery Bolzano

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Merlot Cabernet Iugum - 2017 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Peter Dipoli

IUGUM (iou-gum) is a made up name. It means "yoke" in Latin. A yoke is that wooden piece with hitched oxen into pairs, but the word "Iugum" is also used in very early agricultural texts in reference to tines being trained on a support.

Merlot - Cabernet Milla - 2016 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Milla - Pomella Gert

Pinot Nero South Tyrol - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Andrian

Ruby-red; Aroma delicate berry and dried fruit aromas; Taste dry, medium bodied, with a lively acidity and a light trace of tannin.

Cassiano Magnum - 2020 - 1.50 lt. - Cantina Manincor - Graf Enzenberg

Luscious purple-ruby with a delicate aroma of undergrowth and spices, a hint of wild cherry; an elegant and full-bodied wine with ripe, juicy tannins and length. With game, well-seasoned roast red meats and matured cheeses.

Pinot Noir Jansen - 2020 - 0.75 lt. - Winery Ritterhof

This Pinot Nero is cultiveted on the sunny slopes below Montan and convinces by its ruby red colour and the typical fruity aroma slightly of vanilla. Its taste is full and long persisting.

Lagrein South Tyrol HB 0,375 lt. - 2021 - Winery Termeno

Pinot Nero Castel Turmhof - 2017 - Wine Cellar Tiefenbrunner - 0.75 lt.

Ruby red with a deep garnet sheen, this wine has a delicate bouquet of blackberries, raspberries and cherries with a hint of vanilla. It is smooth and full-bodied, showing balance and elegance on the palate, and has both youthful force and pedigree.

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